ITSF World Cup 2017 : it's started !

Kampnagel opened its doors this Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany, to welcome the ITSF World Cup 2017.
This year, 40 nations came from all over the world to compete against the best players and win the world championship titles.
For this occasion, Kampnagel is opened from 9am to 11pm from Wednesday to Saturday, and from 9am to 8pm, this Sunday.
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Latest results Copa Ciudad de Junin 2017 (ITSF PT)

Here are the latest results for the Copa Ciudad de Junin 2017, held in March, 11-12th, in Junin, Argentina.
ITSF World ranking and South America ranking are also updated.
Open Doubles

Rafael Colaso (ARG) – Santiago Diaz (ARG) Gabriel Angelinetta (ARG) – Marcela Angulo (ARG) Gonzalo Daniel Brandi (ARG) – Cristian Bajit (ARG)

Open Singles

Gabriel Angelinetta (ARG) Claudio Peralta (ARG) Marcelo Angulo (ARG)

Junior Singles

German Lujan (ARG) Luz Paez (ARG) Pilar Paez (ARG)

Full results available here.

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Latest results for the Multitable Pro tour 2017 (ITSF PT) in Bratislava, Slovakia

Here are the lastest results for the Multitable Pro tour 2017 (ITSF PT), held between March, 31st, and April, 2nd, 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
ITSF World & European ranking are also updated.
Open Double

Martin Jalaska (SVK) – Jozef Horciak (SVK) Lucian Zakto (SVK) – Samuel Fabera (SVK) Simon Varos (SVK) – Olivier Bais (SVK)

Women Double

Sabine Brose (DEU) – Pia-Susanne Merbach (DEU) Miroslava Kolesarova (SVK) – Tjasa Kogosvek (SVN) Iveta Rakovicsova (SVK) – Paula Smolickova (SVK)

Junior Double

Marek Vrabel (SVK) – Simon Mihal (SVK) Filip Jurkovic (SVK) – Peter Rajcan (SVK) Martin Starovic (SVK) – Tomas Ganz (SVK)

Open Singles

Simon Varos (SVK) Tomas Klobusnik (SVK) Martin Grobar (SVK)

Women Singles

Iveta Rakovicsova (SVK) Sabine Brose (DEU) Pia-Susanne Merbach (DEU)

Junior Singles

Marek Vrabel (SVK) Simon Mihal (SVK) Peter Rajcan (SVK)

Speedball Doubles

Tomas Klobusnik (SVK) – Marek Vovcik (SVK) Simon Varos (SVK) – Olivier Bais (SVK) Martin Jalaksa (SVK) – Jozef Horciak (SVK)

Classic Doubles

Samuel Fabera (SVK) – Marek Vovcik (SVK) Martin Jalaksa (SVK) – Jozef Horciak (SVK) Daniel Stevcik (SVK) – Daniel Sorger (DEU)

Full results available here.

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How to get to the World Cup

Everything you need to know to find your way around Kampnagel for the World Cup.

Find all the informations to travel from Hamburg Central station and Barmbek underground station and locate the facilities around Kampnagel.

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Upcoming tournaments

New tournament on 2017 ITSF Tour

Copenhagen Open 2017, Pro Tour on Bonzini tables,
May 5-7th, held in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Live results available here

More information here


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