24 februari 2021
Yesterday the ITSF started online meeting series.Thanks to the 51 delegates who joined the meeting. We mainly spoke together about sport recognition, World Cup 2022, education program and sport organisation.Next ones will concern specific topics as ITSF software, Federation development plan, referees and rules, trainer and training program, … Contact us for more information and contact your federation to become a delegate on topic you matter. Next dates and full calendar will be sent shortly to your federation.  Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 1...
24 februari 2021
You can already check what time you can play in your time zone.Since the event will happen 24h before the UEFA match France-Germany, the playing period  is from 14th of June 8pm till 15th of June 8pm for Central European Time (CET) and locations like Hamburg, Germany, which will be the record “control room”. For example: for Vancouver it would be 14/06, 11am till 15/06, 11am or for Sydney 15/06 4am till 16/06 4am.  Feel free to use the event hashtag is #foosisallaround  As a reminder: Everybody can play locally a tournament within the 24 hours ...
16 februari 2021

The ITSF is really pleased to announce the 2021 European Champions League !
This year the host city will be Roma – Italy.
From November 19th to 21st.
Sincere congratulations to organizers, Figest !
Stay tuned, more information are coming.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 15:15
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