06 mei 2021
* BREAKING NEWS * With a heavy heart: We are postponing the world record attempt. The original date in June is too early. In many countries, the pandemic continues to rage unrestrained. In Germany, things are improving and the vaccination campaign is making progress. But will we be able to get together around the table in June with the intended small groups? Unclear. We don't want to endanger anyone, and we don't want anyone to feel unsafe playing foosball.    The new date for the worldwide 24h record attempt in table soccer:  August 26, 8pm (C...
27 april 2021
The new team of the TAC is composed of Julian Timnev (President), Abbas Babapour, Wolfgang Breuer, Frederico Cappa, Karsten Kuckhoff, Christophe Lerat, Franco Lupusella, Elli McDonald and Brittany McDonald The main task the commission has is to provide support and guidance to foosball tournament organisers all around the world.  Tuesday, April 27, 2021 - 14:00Originele auteur: admin...
23 april 2021
[ Worldwide Record Attempt 2021 - LET’S FOOS ] The official category is "MOST PEOPLE PLAYING TABLE SOCCER (DIFFERENT VENUES, 24 HOURS)". The minimum requirement for the first attempt in June is: 250 participants in 50 different locations. Can we do it? The Record Institute Germany has been a partner of the largest table soccer tournament “SKC in Hamburg” since 2017. Now we want to reach the next level together with all foosball players: playing table soccer worldwide and simultaneously! And by the way, each participant will receive a certificat...

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