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17 juni 2023. ClubFoos Challenger Amersfoort!

Last Open Doubles Of The Season!!- Club Foos on Tour!!- This edition will be hosted by Club Foos Amersfoort.

Amersfoort wil be the seventh stop in our open doubles series.
We like to welcome you all at Eemcafe on Saturday 17 June, Grote Spui 23 in Amersfoort.- Free parking here: - Register at facebook, one of the app groups or We play on 6 or 7 Leonhart Pro Tournament tables.
- Maximum of 30 teams!
- The entree fee is € 10,00 per person (70% prize money, 30% organisation fee).- Prize money
= 50%
= 30%
= 20%- 12:30 registration, 13:00 the tournament starts (don't be late).- We play by the ITSF rules: Swiss system: 5 or 6 qualification rounds, 1 timeout only).
- After qualifications: Top-16 teams go to the pro bracket, top 17-30 teams go to semi pro bracket.
- All KO matches in the pro bracket will be played in a best of 5 format.
- All KO matches in the semi pro bracket will be played in a best of 3 format.
Everybody has the standard 2 time-outs per game in the KO rounds.- Prizes:
First place - Prize money + Medal
Second place - Prize money + Medal
Third place - Prize money + MedalSemi pro's
First place - Medal
Second place - Medal
Third place - Medal- Please help us quicken the tournament process by instantly reporting the result to the tournament staff.- Food and drinks are available at the location, your not allowed to bring your own.- Play fair and have fun!

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