The FECOFOTA on the way to International Francophonie Games

Recently, The Federation of Table Soccer in Democratic Republic of the Congo (FECOFOTA) introduced their wish to participate to the next International Francophonie Games which will take place in Kinshasa (DRC) from 19th to 28th August 2022.
Théophile NKEY KIMPANGA, the vice president of the FECOFOTA and the federation secretary had a talk with Zéno KABAMBA, the general director of the International Francophonie Games about the potential entry of The Table Soccer Federation of DRC (FECOFOTA) to this event.
This talk ended with a hopeful outcome. Indeed, the general director of the International Francophonie Games commits to talk to the different organizations to find a way to add them to the International Francophonie Games 9th edition as a demo activity. According to the general director, the FECOFOTA is on the right track, and the International Francophonie Games is ready to support them.
The International Francophonie Games take place every 2 years and gather all the French speaking countries in a sportive tournament to tighten links and develop solidarity.
The ITSF congratulates the FECOFOTA for this huge step for Table Soccer development in DRC and hope to see them at the next International Francophonie Games!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 10:30
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