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Results of North West Open 2019

Results of North West Open 2019
(January 19th - 20th)
United Kingdom, Chester.

Alice Warr from UK with impressive Victories in Women Singles, Women Doubles and Mixed Doubles.
For more take a look to the Full Results.
Congratulations to all participants!

Open Singles

#1 Callum OAKES (GBR)
#2 Jonathan MAY (GBR)
#3 Stephen LYALL (GBR)

Open Doubles

#1 Jonathan MAY (GBR) - Stephen LYALL (GBR)
#2 Richard MARSH (GBR) - Christopher LYALL (GBR)
#3 Matthew WARR (GBR) - Callum OAKES (GBR)

Women Singles

#1 Alice WARR (GBR)
#2 Jenny KRAMER (DEU)
#3 Yaka DIAZ (GBR)

Women Doubles

#1 Alice WARR (GBR) - Yaka DIAZ (GBR)
#2 Lidia PYNOO (DEU) - Jenny KRAMER (DEU)
#3 Katalin FELSO (GBR) - Jolene STAAL (GBR)

Mixed Doubles

#1 Matthew WARR (GBR) - Alice WARR (GBR)
#2 Richard MARSH (GBR) - Jenny KRAMER (DEU)
#3 Lidia PYNOO (DEU) - Stephen LYALL (GBR)

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 20:00
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