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Results of Manchester Open - ITSF Pro Tour 2022

Results of Manchester Open - ITSF Pro Tour 2022

(September 15th - 18th)


United Kingdom, Manchester




Radostina  Lyubomirova impressed in Women Category at this Tournament.

For more take a look at the Full Results.


Congratulations to all participants !


Women Singles

#1 Radostina LYUBOMIROVA (BGR)

#2 Alina DARRAGH (GBR)

#3 Eliza KILIAN (GBR)



Open Singles

#1 Callum OAKES (GBR)

#2 Matthew WARR (GBR)

#3 Uzzy AHMAD (GBR)



Open Doubles

#1 Uzzy AHMAD (GBR) - David PULCINI (GBR)

#2 Olga LASECKA (GBR) - Robert ATHA (GBR)

#3 Callum OAKES (GBR) - Richard MARSH (GBR)



Open Mixed

#1 Olga LASECKA (GBR) - Robert ATHA (GBR)

#2 Matthew WARR (GBR) - Eliza KILIAN (GBR)

#3 Alice WARR (GBR) - Stephen LYALL (GBR)


Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 22:00
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