Results and Photos of SmallBalls Open 2020

Results and Photos of SmallBalls Open 2020

(January 31th - February 2nd)


Czech Republic, Pilsen.



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Krzysztof Warzecha from Poland with a Double Victory in Mixed and Open Doubles at this Event.

For more take a look at the Full Results.


Congratulations to all participants !


Women Singles

#1 Alexandra RYBKINA (RUS)

#2 Gabija BRIEDYTĖ (LTU)

#3 Karina ZWIERKO (POL)



Women Doubles

#1 Gabija BRIEDYTĖ (LTU) - Alexandra RYBKINA (RUS)

#2 Karina ZWIERKO (POL) - Adriana CEPELAKOVA (CZE)

#3 Vladislava KACHALOVA (RUS) - Anna VITMANOVA (CZE)



Open Singles

#1 Ladislav KREPELA (CZE)

#2 David KOPIC (CZE)

#3 Guillaume HUBERT (BEL)



Open Doubles

#1 Krzysztof WARZECHA (POL) - Filip LATKA (POL)

#2 David KOPIC (CZE) - Jakub HORECNY (CZE)

#3 Alexandr VELART (CZE) - Ladislav KREPELA (CZE)



Mixed Doubles

#1 Krzysztof WARZECHA (POL) - Gabija BRIEDYTĖ (LTU)

#2 Adriana CEPELAKOVA (CZE) - Lukás RAIS (CZE)


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Results and Photos of Prague Open 2020

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