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Results and Photos of Riggisberg Open 2019

Results and Photos of Riggisberg Open 2019
(March 30th - 31th)
Switzerland, Riggisberg.
More Photos here
Marcel Glaus from Switzerland with 2 Times Top 3 Finish in Open Singles and Doubles.
For more take a look to the Full Results.
Congratulations to all participants!

Open Singles

#2 Marcel GLAUS (CHE)
#3 Adrian SCHULER (CHE)

Open Doubles

#1 Stefan SCHÖB (CHE) - Patrik LANDOLT (CHE)
#2 Pascal NATER (CHE) - Thomas ZIEGLER (CHE)
#3 Marcel GLAUS (CHE) - Florian KUNZ (CHE)

Women Singles

#1 Nicole KRÜSI (CHE)
#2 Michèle SUTTER (CHE)
#3 Andrea SCHWARZ (CHE)

Women Doubles

#1 Melissa DIAS (CHE) - Michèle SUTTER (CHE)
#2 Beatrix AMMANN (CHE) - Priska ANDEREGG (CHE)
#3 Nicole KRÜSI (CHE) - Divyam Ruth TÄSCHLER (CHE)

Mixed Doubles

#1 Hannes WALLIMANN (CHE) - Sandra GÄUMANN (CHE)
#2 Pascal NATER (CHE) - Andrea SCHWARZ (CHE)
#3 Thomas ZIEGLER (CHE) - Beatrice BERNER (CHE)

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