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Results and Photos of Pro Tour Lisboa 2019

Results and Photos of Pro Tour Lisboa 2019
(May 18th)
Portugal, Odivelas.
More Photos here
Fabio di Santo and Dina Mettler from Switzerland with a Victory in Open Doubles.
For more take a look to the Full Results.
Congratulations to all participants!

Open Singles

#1 Pedro m. OLIVEIRA (PRT)
#2 Santos DANIEL (PRT)
#3 Fabio DI SANTO (CHE)

Open Doubles

#1 Dina METTLER (CHE) - Fabio DI SANTO (CHE)
#2 Santos DANIEL (PRT) - Pedro m. OLIVEIRA (PRT)
#3 Francisco ADRIANO (PRT) - Luis CLEMENTE (PRT)

Senior Singles

#2 Carlos SILVA (PRT)
#3 Carlos CLEMENTE (PRT)

Sunday, May 26, 2019 - 18:45
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