Results and Photos of ITSF Pro Tour Limburg 2019

Results and Photos of ITSF Pro Tour Limburg 2019
(August 3rd - 4th)
Germany, Limburg.
More Photos here
© Credits here to Malvina Wieschermann. Thanky for the Photos.
Thomas Haas from Germany with a 1st and 2nd Place in Open Category at this Tournament.
For more take a look to the Full Results.
Congratulations to all participants!

Open Singles

#1 Thomas HAAS (DEU)
#2 Alexander DI BELLO (DEU)
#3 Daniel SORGER (DEU)

Open Doubles

#1 Raphael HAMPEL (DEU) - Dominik PFINGST (DEU)
#2 Thomas HAAS (DEU) - Raoul CHAMULEAU (NLD)
#3 Amon LORENZ (DEU) - Lukas ZAHN (DEU)

Women Singles

#1 Nina SCHÜTZ (DEU)
#2 Jessica BECHTEL (DEU)
#3 Andrea WEBER (DEU)

Women Doubles

#1 Jackie HAN (USA) - Jojanneke JAS (KOR)
#2 Jessica BECHTEL (DEU) - Nina SCHÜTZ (DEU)
#3 Lara FISCHER (DEU) - Laura BLÖMER (DEU)

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 12:00
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