No ITSF tournaments in May

All ITSF tournaments initially scheduled in May have been postponed or cancelled.
Information regarding tournaments scheduled in June will be shared as soon as possible.
Tournaments POSTPONED:
- Pro Tour Gauchy 2020, France
- Pro Tour 1. Aktivpark Open 2020, Austria
- World Series by Bonzini 2020, France
- Master Series Foos Rumble at the Falls 2020, USA
- Master Series FTSI National Championship 2020, India
- Pro Tour Open LICB 2020, Italia
Tournaments CANCELLED:
- Master Series Saint-Petersburg Open Masters 2020, Russia
- Master Series Texas State Championships 2020, USA
The ITSF World Tour calendar is updated with the latest information. Refer to it regularly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 18:00
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New Tournaments accepted in Bulgaria
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