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Coming Up this Weekend - 4 Tournaments around the World

#ITSFMasters2018 #ITSFProTour2018
This week-end, 4 Countries around the World are hosting respectively a Tournament !
◾In Taiwan, Kaohsiung
October 5th - 7th: 2018 Taiwan Open
Further info here
Table: Fireball
◾In Bulgaria, Sofia
October 5th - 7th: Sofia Grand Masters XI 2018
Further info here
Table: Multi Table
◾In Denmark, Århus
October 6th - 7th: Århus Open 2018
Further info here
Table: Bonzini
◾In Germany, Rodheim
October 6th - 7th: Hessen Pro Tour
Further info here
Table: Leonhart

Monday, October 1, 2018 - 15:30
Originele auteur: admin
New tournament accepted in Ukraine
New tournament accepted in Belgium