Coming Up this Weekend - 4 Tournaments around Europe

#ITSFMastersSeries2018 #ITSFProTour2018
This week-end, 4 Countries around Europe are hosting respectively a Tournament !
◾In Turkey, Izmir
December 8th - 9th: Turkey National Leonhart Championship 2018
Further info here
Table: Leonhart
◾In Russia, Moscow
December 8th - 9th: Masters Series Moscow Open 2018
Further info here
Table: Garlando
◾In Portugal, Lisbon
December 8th: Pro Tour Lisboa
Further info here
Table: Roberto Sport
◾In Netherlands, Spaubeek
December 8th - 9th: NTVB Pro Tour 2018
Further info here
Table: Leonhart

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 18:00
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Results of KickerKicker Leo Tour 2018

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