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18 maart : Haarlem Open Doubles!!

Cafe De Lange Heer, Lange Herenstraat 6 in Haarlem!- 

Register at facebook, one of the app groups or 

We play on 6 or 7 Leonhart Pro Tournament tables.Maximum of 30 teams!

 The entree fee is € 10,00 per person (70% prize money, 30% organisation fee).- Prize money= 50%= 30%= 20%

12:30 registration, 13:00 the tournament starts (don't be late).- 

We play by the ITSF rules: Swiss system: 5 or 6 qualification rounds, 1 timeout only).- 

After qualifications: 

Top-16 teams go to the pro bracket, top 17-30 teams go to semi pro bracket.

All KO matches in the pro bracket will be played in a best of 5 format. All KO matches in the semi pro bracket will be played in a best of 3 format.Everybody has the standard 2 time-outs per game in the KO rounds. 


Pro'sFirst place - Prize money + Medal, Second place - Prize money + Medal, Third place - Prize money + Medal

Semi pro's: First place - Medal, Second place - Medal, Third place - Medal- 

Please help us quicken the tournament process by instantly reporting the result to the tournament staff.- 

Food and drinks are available at the location, your not allowed to bring your own.- 

Play fair and have fun!

Next stop.. Amsterdam

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